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Visions of Illusion

Our Visions of Illusion videos will explain Rick’s, owner of RTE Vibes, life experiences that are spiritual in nature and peaceful to the soul! They are a transition from those experiences to an understanding of life - which I will logically explain as I Transcend from video to video! So, please follow along so our spirit minds can bond in this journey.
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Visions of Energy

Our Visions of Energy videos illustrate the many ways in which we can open up our energy systems allowing a free flow of health without blockages! Each video introduces a technique that leads to mental clarity and physical health! So follow along as we Body Tap and guide our positive energies throughout our systems and become energized yet relaxed!
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Join Rick's goofy self on TikTok! Not only does he teach mini lessons, he brings humor to your social media feed!
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