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At this present moment vibrations of ‘Ohhmmmm’ center and balance all of my chakras with chi as I allow those calming whispers to impress upon my welcoming mind. Thankfully and with total appreciation, I respect this openness to the subtle energies which was initiated some 30 plus years ago. You see, at that time one particularly enlightening event left a most amazing tingling frequency sensation in the middle of my forehead that has soothingly flowed since. With that I became driven to read all of the philosophies maintained by the thinkers of their days and focused on and began to pursue expressing my thinkings of my days. I continually found myself deep in thought about the true meaning of what my 5 senses had been dictating to me since birth.

But with the love of my wife and 3 children being most important, understandably and for sure undeniably, my desire to comprehend this new age awareness slowly faded. For the bonding of family by playing, teaching academics, and coaching was and will always be everything to me. I mean, what could be more important to my wife and me than assisting our kids and grandkids to fulfill their dreams.

Now, with my wife being a retired teacher and my children’s families balanced, productive, and happy, I’ve been afforded the time and resources to continue studying the ways of chakras and subtle energies and the effects they can have on releasing the grip of our ego minds. My wife, the organizer and brains behind all decisions and I, the creator of ideas, are achieving this with understanding the values of and practicing yoga, energy medicine, reiki, meditation, and body tapping and the uplifting impact these have on us spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Relax Think Energize, Inc. was initially incorporated in 1989 with the purpose of circulating my newly discovered beliefs of our existence to all through writing and has recently been brought back to life with a similar purpose yet by different avenues.